Regenerate (v. ri-jen-uh-reyt) - 1 bring or come into renewed existence. 2 impart new, more vigorous, and spiritually greater life to (a person or institution etc.). 3 reform oneself. 4 invest with a new and higher spiritual nature.

REGENERATION is a 2-day event at which everyone will be a participant. A festival unlike any other, it will integrate live and interactive arts, live music, expanded cinema & multi-media experiences with academic talks and discussions, all with the intent of exploring altered states of consciousness and their influence on the arts. Participants are encouraged to attend both days, establish a sense of community and 'regenerate'.

Regeneration will combine the fun of creative play with awe-inspiring immersive environments and thoughtful academic discussion. The event attempts to address the problems of our troubled times by asking, 'is the solution to our problems inside of us? Can altered states of consciousness, however they are achieved, offer insight and a sense of renewal, both for the individual and for society at large?' more...